• Solar Lantern
Solar Lantern

Solar Lantern

CEPAT offering portable and high efficiency solar lantern. The solar lantern conforms to and exceeds MNRE specifications. It has been built to be affordable but it is rugged, highly durable, requires minimum maintenance and has an extremely long life span. These solar lanterns are popular in villages and remote areas, for use on farms, camping and by hawkers as well as stand by in city homes.

CEPAT solar lanterns give about 4 to 6 hours of light on a single full charge. These lanterns are pollution-free, based on microcontroller circuitry with highest efficiency figures and are virtually fail-safe.


  • Safe, efficient and reliable
  • Affordable
  • Easy to install
  • No fumes or No smoke
  • Maximum light coverage
  • High efficiency electronics
  • Aesthetic, ergonomic design with ABS Body, acrylic lens and handle
  • on-off and Dimmer switch,
  • Indicators for battery charging, battery fully charged and battery deep discharge
  • Available in different Models
  • A/c charging
  • Mobile Charging
  • Housing material ABS
  • SPV Module High efficiency silicon cell based SPV module
  • Battery 12V-7.2Ah @ C-20 SMF battery